Help for growing bamboo from seed

Well over the years my site has been linked from various others in regards to my simple bamboo seed germination directions or to bamboo in general.  If you are wondering, the link to the directions is here:

Growing Bamboo From Seed

Anways, looking through my webstats this morning I noted yet another new website to add to the list. This time it is a Croation website, at least that’s what the Google Toolbar states, and the entire thread is about growing bamboo.  It’s good to see that my directions are still helping people learn how to grow bamboo from seed, and not just in the United States but worldwide!

World Plants Forum Bamboo Thread

However, of all the sites to link to mine, none have been as prominent as the one that linked to my father’s website in an article regarding cherries, Mother Earth News!  It would be awesome if they ever did a bamboo article and mentioned my website too!