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Yin Yang Bamboo Bambusa emiensis viridiflavus for sale

Yin Yang bamboo, as it’s commonly called, is a gorgeous tropical clumping type bamboo that is an excellent choice for your landscape.

Whether planted as a specimen plant or as a hedge row, you will fall on love with this as many others have. With it’s deep emerald green culms and striking alternating yellow stripes, it’s easy to see why Yin Yang bamboo is a favorite amongst bamboo enthusiasts. Not to mention it’s larger culm diameter, with mature plants produces culm between 2.5 and 3 inches. Mature culms grow nice and straight will reach a height of about 35 feet with plenty of short branching.

Relatively cold hardy, withstanding temperatures to the mid 20s before culm damage occurs. Grows happily in a variety of soils and sun exposure, but will do best in full sun with regular watering and fertilizing once a year.

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