Beccariophoenix Alfredii High plateau cold hardy coconut palm for sale

Beccariophoenix alfredii, also known as the high plateau coconut palm, is a relatively newer discovered species of Arecaceae (palms), endemic to Madagascar. It is in the genus Beccariophoenix, and is closely related to the genus Cocos, hence the cold hardy coconut reference in the name.

Originating in a humid valley west of Antsirabe on the high plateau of Madagascar, at an elevation of about 1000 m, Beccariophoenix alfredii sees temperatures that are comparatively cool throughout the year and can drop below freezing at night in winter, making it ideal for warm temperate areas with no more than moderate freezes. Beccariophoenix alfredii is a fairly large palm quite similar to a coconut palm and a perfect replacement for that in cooler climates where the coconut can not survive the winters.

Due to its overall hardiness, B. alfredii is a good candidate for cultivation in USDA zones 9B and greater, though there have been reports of it surviving with protection in 9A. It is best grown in sandy loam soils. Due to its coconut look-alike status, good growth rate, and cold hardiness it may become extremely popular worldwide. To thrive it needs a sunny position, even when very young.

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