Antique / Old Garden Roses

Antique or old garden roses are roses those roses that have in recent years been “forgotten” due to the increase of hybridizers producing the next great rose. Though very beautiful, these new hybrids lack one thing that most antique roses do not; a very lovely scent. Also, most gardeners know that those old garden roses are often times carefree and will continue to portray beauty even with major neglect. Antique roses are tend to also be resistant to many of the other problems of modern hybrids such as black spot and rose rust, and best of all in colder climates when the rose freezes to the ground you know what rose you will have when new growth appears since almost all antique old garden roses are produced on their own roots.

Antique roses come in many colors and varieties. Some offer single blooms with lots of petals whereas other antique roses offer single blooms with just five petals. Some even produce large clusters of flowers which produce a striking effect in any garden. Of course many old roses come in both shrubs and true climbers, with many shrub form being mistaken as climbers since they get so large when mature. No matter what I know you will find a place for many of these antique roses in your garden.