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Clumping bamboo plants blowing in the wind

We had a rather wicked but well needed storm blow into Jacksonville today.  The kids yelled from the upstairs that the bamboo was bent over and touching the pool enclosure, so I went up to investigate.  Sure enough it was, and I whipped out the camera to take some snapshots of the wind’s effect on the clumping bamboo plants.  Someone recently asked over on on the Florida Bamboo Forum if bamboo would help to reduce the effects of hurricane force winds, and based on these pics I’d have to say probably not, that is unless the house was surrounded by a few acres of bamboo forest!

Anyways, the clumping bamboo to the right is Bambusa textilis mutabilis, the one in the middle is Bambusa dissemulator, and the bamboo on the right is Bambusa ventricosa Kimmei.  The first picture shows the bamboo with the wind at a lull, and the second pic shows the bamboo bent over the gale force winds.  Sorry about the glare in the second bamboo picture, forgot to cover the flash!