Propagating Bamboo From Rhizomes

Typically this is a rather easy process for running type bamboos. One simply digs up a section of rhizomes then plants it in a new spot. When the buds break dormancy, they shoot and begin growing, and in several years time will fill in the area with new bamboo

But what about propagating clumping bamboo from rhizomes? Typically to propagate a tropical clumping bamboo as division is taken from the parent plant then replanted elsewhere where new bamboo is wanted. Sometimes the culms of that division die, and new growth emerges from the stored energy within the rhizomes. Nothing wrong with that, as the end result was still produced.

However, an interesting thing happened last year while digging divisions on the bamboo in my yard. I tossed aside a thick chunk of rhizome, thinking it trash. A few weeks later while inspecting my bamboo for new shoots, I noticed that chuck of rhizome with a small, pencil sized shoot growing from it. Pulling it from the leaf clutter, to my surprise I noted another bud developing on the rhizome as well. This rhizome also had developed a few root hairs, so I immediately planted it in some potting soil. The shoots developed into two, three foot culms. Last month I potted this new bamboo into a larger pot, and was further amazed by the amount of new root growth that had developed. I’m really anxious to see how big this years shoots will be!

So there is yet another method by which bamboo can be propagated. I’m pretty certain the species is Bambusa Mutabilis, but it could also very well be Bambusa Dissemulator. Only time will tell which bamboo it it. I’ve included two pics and short video documenting my find.

bamboo rhizome with new bud growth

bamboo rhizome with new shoot