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Growing Bamboo for Privacy

So you’re looking to grow bamboo to give your yard some privacy. Perhaps you have a nosy neighbor that glares into your yard for no reason, or perhaps you have an pool and you desire privacy when you are out sunbathing. Regardless of your reason, growing bamboo for privacy is an excellent, cost effective means of blocking out whatever it is.

Bamboo planted to screen a pool

Here in Northeast Florida I have grown both running and clumping types of bamboo into “living fences” that have provided the privacy needed. The first was in our old house, where I planted two divisions of Sunburst bamboo, two divisions of Dragon’s nest bamboo, a division of Emerald bamboo and a division of Yin Yang bamboo. These six divisions in a few short years provided the cover I desired to block our backyard pool view from the neighbors eyes in our planned urban development home. The picture to the left show what it looked like after about three years. Within the next couple years after it was completely filled in, creating the privacy I desired.

Now the only problem with the above is maintaining the bamboo. In a neighborhood that has an HOA, one typically has to plant “neighbor friendly” plants that all can enjoy. Maintaining the bamboo that you are growing for privacy in this type of setting will require more maintenance on your part to contain even clumping bamboo on your side of the property line. This is better accomplished by planting each bamboo at least two feet from the property line if there is currently a fence so that you can remove any culms that are growing outward towards the neighbor. Thankfully this will only need to be done once or twice a year.

Yes, when growing bamboo for privacy I highly recommend clumping types of bamboo UNLESS you put down approved bamboo barrier to contain a running bamboo. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, growing a running type of bamboo for privacy in a residential neighborhood is a huge no no unless it is properly contained, and this not only for to be kind to your neighbors but for your sake as well!

In my current house I have planted one Sunburst bamboo and three Emerald bamboo on the east end of the property, replacing some ugly azaleas with beautiful bamboo for privacy.  This shows you how dense the privacy is after just four years of growth.

So yes, if you are considering growing bamboo for privacy, it can be an excellent decision that adds not only that but beauty as well in doing so. I recommend planting one division or pot of bamboo every six to eight feet, and as the bamboo grows within three years the upper part will provide privacy and with five years the plantings will be a near impenetrable hedge that no one will see or be able to walk through!

Any questions feel free to drop a comment below. Thanks!