How To Grow and Propagate Bamboo from Culm Cuttings

There are numerous ways to grow and propagate bamboo, however, not all methods work with each type.

Every bamboo can be grown and propagated by taking divisions, as I’ve shown in my previous videos. In this video, recorded in March 2017, I demonstrate how to make culm cuttings which when buried will produce roots and thus grow into a new bamboo.

Now mind you this method does not work for any running species of bamboo, and it does not work for all types of clumping bamboos. The bamboo used in this video is Dendrocalamus validus, a large tropical clumping bamboo native to Asia. I’ve also successfuly performed this method on Bambusa dissimulator, Bambusa lako, Bambusa vulgaris and Bambusa vulgaris vittata.

Sorry about the video volume in the beginning. I guess being that far away from the GoPro means I need to speak up next time!