Phyllostachys heterocycla cv. pubescens ‘Moso’

Phyllostachys heterocycla cv pubescens

Also known as P. edulis, and more popularly known as Moso, Phyllostachys heterocycla cv pubescens is ne of the largest timber bamboos in the world.  A mature grove of moso is simply spectacular and breathtaking to be in, soaring to heights of about 75 feet and 7 inches in diameter; it truly is a very impressive specimen!  A cold hardy runner surviving temps to about 9 degrees F, however, it really reaches it’s maximum potential in the Southeastern US.   Some say Moso bamboo is hard to establish and needs lots of water, acidic soil and a high humidity to reach it’s maximum potential…might be the reason why it does so well in the Southeastern US.

Considered by some to be the most beautiful bamboo in the world, Moso bamboo it is the most cultivated bamboo in China and Japan.  It’s shoots are excellent eating and the culms are used in any forms of construction, from building houses to the scaffolding used to build skyscrapers.  Moso bamboo gives a instant classic oriental look, and when I think about the Orient I think about the huge groves of Moso bamboo that have graced the big screen in movies like Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon.

The Moso plants we have are ones we grew from seed. The seed source was told to be from the Wuhan province in China. Our seedlings are about 3 years old and and currently thriving in full shade. We have some that have been planted in the ground to see how they progress, but most are in 1 gal pots and are in need of a new home.