Several years ago my brother and I started growing various palm trees. I bought a few thousand palm tree seeds and many of them germinated. However, we really didn’t know what we had gotten ourselves into. After having all these baby palm trees in 1 gal pots, we stood back and thought we’d have some very nice palm tree seedlings to sell in a few years from our online nursery and locally. However, then we discovered our biggest enemy…weeds! Many of the palm seedlings became choked out by the weeds if they were not pulled daily, and since we had other obligations could not save them. Our other enemy was irrigation, and quite simply overhead irrigation it seemed was not the right choice for our fledging palm tree nursery.

Then winter set in, and yes even in sunny Florida we do get freezing temps. Even though the palm tree varieties we were growing could withstand cold temps, we found out the hard way that this pertained to older specimens and not the tender young seedlings. We lost a large portion of palms that first year.

We now have a much improved growing system in place, including micro drip irrigation on the palms that have been placed in the ground. We have rebuilt our greenhouse to protect those tender palm seedlings, and have a new plan of attack on keeping those baby palm trees weed free while growing in their 1 and 3 gallon pots.

Currently we are not selling seedlings, but we do have a few species that are several years old and have outgrown their 1 gallon pots. You will find many of these are ready for tranplant into the ground or into a larger, more decorative pot. If you see a price listed then we have it for sale.