Bambusa textilis gracilis

Bambusa textilis Gracilis is a tropical clumping type bamboo more commonly known as Graceful bamboo or Weaver’s bamboo. A very popular bamboo in cultivation, as it grows it forms a tight clump with smaller culm than other textilis varieties. Once mature, culm diameter is about two inches with a culm height of about twenty to thirty five feet. Bambusa textilis Gracilis culms typically will maintain an light to dark green appearance, though when exposed to full sun for extended periods it has been known to turn slightly on the yellowish side.

A native bamboo to southern China, it is so popular that it is now considered naturalized in Florida, Hawaii, Australia and a few other places. Because of its growth habit, Graceful bamboo is an excellent choice to be used as a hedge or natural screen or even as a focal point in your garden. Very cold hardy and able to withstand temps down to 15f before experiencing severe damage.