Hybrid Cycad; Cycas Revoluta x multifrondis

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I produced these by hand pollinating one of my female Revoluta with pollen from my male multifrondis. The result should be a beautiful split leaf hybrid Cycad (as shown in the last two pictures), often bearing little to no trunk, that will have excellent cold hardiness and moderate growth rate. This will be an extremely unique landscape specimen that not many others have and will make you the envy of all your neighbors.
Plants pictured are one year old seedlings currently growing in 12" tree pots and community tubs in full afternoon sun, with well developed roots as pictured. Plants pictured are representative of what I have growing, and the plant you receive will have similar characteristics as described with one to two sets of leaves. Please note that not all seedlings are showing split leaf patterns yet.
To reduce shipping costs, plants will be bare rooted, with the roots packed in damp peat moss then covered in plastic. I have never had issues shipping cycads or palms in this manner.
Shipped with USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and tracking. Please note due to my schedule I typically only ship on Friday and Saturday.
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