Bambusa textilis mutabilis for sale

Mutabilis 8-13
Mature Bambusa textilis mutabilis, 9 years from original planting

Also known as Emerald Bamboo (Bambusa textilis mutabilis) this clumping tropical bamboo is by far one of my favorite bamboos in the yard! A very erect and semi open clumper, Mutabilis will achieve heights of forty feet with culms over two inches in diameter. New shoots display a bluish shit powder than fades to a deep green before changing to greenish tan as the culm matures. Older stands of Bambusa textilis mutabilis will also be branch free on the lower portion of the culm, making it a truly wonderful landscape specimen.

I currently have plenty of Bambusa textilis mutabilis for sale. All are single culm divisions ranging from six to ten feet tall. I also have several stands that I can take fresh divisions from if needed. Local pickup only, as these are way to big to ship! For purchasing info please contact me by phone or email.

Mutabilis Div 7-13a
Bambusa textilis mutabilis division pre-topping
Mutabilis Div 7-13
Bambusa textilis mutabilis division showing rhizome mass
Mutabilis shoot 8-13
Bambusa textilis mutabilis thickness compared to 2″ PVC piping

2 thoughts on “Bambusa textilis mutabilis for sale

  1. Hello. Do you still have bamboo for sale. I live in Jacksonville. The forest next to my condo was just torn down and I need to start putting in bamboo to make a screen. I thought you might have some suggestions? I have a minivan and will need to transplant and transport myself so cant be to large. thanks! Ashton

    1. Good morning Ashton. I currently have several potted that are ready for a new home, ranging from about 6 feet to 12 feet. This would certainly suit your needs and within a few years give you the privacy you desire. If you desire the larger divisions I can provide transportation if they don’t fit. I’ll send you my contact info via email.

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