Bambusa bamboo

Bambusa bamboo is a large genus of clumping bamboos, typically considered non-invasive.

Most species of Bambusa are rather large, with numerous branches emerging from the nodes, and one or two much larger than the rest. The branches can be as long as 11 m (35 ft). They are native to Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, the Himalayas, New Guinea, Melanesia, and the Northern Territory of Australia. They are also reportedly naturalized in other regions, e.g. Africa, Latin America, and various oceanic islands.

I currently have the following Bambusa bamboo growing in my collection:

Bambusa chungii barbellata
Bambusa dissimulator
Bambusa emeiensis viridiflavus
Bambusa lako
Bambusa oldhamii
Bambusa textilis gracilis
Bambusa textilis mutabilis
Bambusa ventricosa kimmei
Bambusa vulgaris